Student Safety

- Outside Security System

- Inside entrance secured by a fob issued to an authorized parent/individual or buzzed in by a staff member.

- Only the custodial parent is allowed to take the child from the school grounds unless previous arrangements have been made between the custodial parent and the principal by written note or phone call.

- Parents will receive a phone call from the school if their child is absent and they have not called to inform the teacher.

- All students not picked up by 3:45 P.M. will be taken to day care for extended day care and a fee will be charged.

- Visitors and parents are asked to stop at the office so a staff member is aware of people in the building.

- Fire and tornado emergency plans are posted in all classrooms.  These drills are conducted throughout the school year.

- Emergency closing of the school due to weather or other circumstances will be announced on local television stations and posted on our website.