About the Program

Good Shepherd Lutheran School is implementing a new reading program called, “Reading and Learning for Success.” Reading and Learning for Success is an individualized reading program which will allow each student at Good Shepherd in Kindergarten through eighth grades to develop and increase their reading skills at their level. Each student will be tested and placed in a reading group that will be taught through team teaching. This is a developmental approach to reading.  It will allow those who excel in reading to read more difficult materials. Students who may be struggling will have the opportunity to succeed at their level and continue to succeed to a higher level. The team teacher your child has will also do phonics, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension during their team time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s teacher.  
Thank you!


Back to School

The start of school is approaching quickly, so to prepare we encourage our student to come to class prepared to learn. Below is the school supply list for this upcoming school year.

school supply list


Calendar for year 2017-18

The following link is the calender for all activites and events at Good Shepard, so you and your family can plan this school years busy schedule.