About The Teacher

Mrs. Junghanns is our fifth & sixth grade teacher. She has taught at Good Shepherd Lutheran School for 16 years. For her first 13 years she taught 3rd and 4th grades and then “graduated” to 5th and 6th grades where she has taught for three years. Mrs. Junghanns received her teaching degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. Her favorite things to do, besides teaching, are spending time with her family, reading and singing in church choir.

Contact Mrs. Junghanns by email: mjunghanns@gslok.org



 The vocabulary is done every week in class.  The students are encouraged to take home their definitions and study before the test on Friday!  



 Homework usually consists of work not completed in class.  This work is due the next morning by 8:30 AM.  Homework they have every week is the memory work.  The students write it in their Memory Work spirals and study it to say on Thursdays.  Be sure and ask your child about the memory work!


Teacher's Notes

 The year is off to a great start.  Some of the students are still struggling with their multiplication facts.  It is very important they have these memorized.  We do work on them in class through drills and multiplication games.  The 5th graders are studying US History in Social Studies and the 6th graders are studying the Western Hemisphere.  We are moving along in our Language Arts.  Spelling pretests are on Wednesdays and retakes on Fridays.  Each student was given a spelling list for the 9 weeks.   Our Reading and Learning for Success program is going well. Please, have your child read at home at least 15-20 minutes every evening.  The more you read, the better you read!  Thank you for you support and if you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me through my email or through Remind.   


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