Good Shepherd Lutheran School is concerned about the health of its students.  We keep current health records for each child.


Students, teachers, other employees, and volunteers will not be allowed in school with a fever, vomiting, head lice, pink eye, or any other symptom of disease or illness.  If your child has had any communicable disease or condition, please report this to the school office.  A doctor’s statement may be required before the child can return to school.


A student should not be sent to school if:  1)  The child has had a fever in the last 24 hours2)  The child is taking medication which makes him drowsy or unable to concentrate.


When a child becomes ill at school, the child will be made as comfortable as possible until such time as arrangements can be made for having him/her picked up.  We will attempt to call the parent first, then the person listed on the emergency card


Medication will be administered to children if requested by parents in writing and brought to school in the original containers with explicit instructions.  Good Shepherd does not medicate independent of these conditions.  Medication must be checked in at the school office.


Each student must have an authorization for emergency medical treatment form on file in the school office.  Although this form will be used only in case of extreme emergency, it is very important parents complete a form for each child.  Be certain to contact the school office if your family doctor or emergency phone numbers change.


Each child must have all required immunizations before the start of the school year.  Contact your family doctor or the local public health office for details


We are concerned about the welfare of all of our students and staff.  We believe these basic guidelines will help us to insure their good health.