General Information


The public is always welcome at our school.  Visitors and parents are asked to stop at the office so that someone is aware of people in the building.  Interviews and tours of the school may be scheduled with the school office.


Changes of Address or Telephone Numbers

We ask that you immediately report any change in your home address, telephone number, cell number or your place of employment and telephone number.  This is important for both you and your child.


Field Trips/Extra Curricular Activities

Teachers are encouraged to arrange educational experiences outside of the classroom.  If a teacher plans a field trip for his class, a notice will be sent home to the parent/guardian to be signed giving permission for their child to participate in the field trip.  Students who do not obtain written parental permission will remain at school under the supervision of school personnel. Usually the school will arrange for transportation, but at times the parents are asked to help with transportation.  All drivers must be 21 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, and are required to have liability insurance.  Seat belts must be used at all times.  Field trips/Extra curricular activities are a privilege, therefore any student who fails to turn in assignments, exhibits poor behavior, has failing grades or excessive absences can be required to remain at school.  A student who is absent may not attend field trips or extracurricular activities for the day of his/her absence.



School Parties

Several parties involving the use of school time are held each year.  These parties are held in the individual classrooms and are scheduled with the classroom teacher.



Students may bring cupcakes, cookies, or a small snack on the day of their birthday to share with classmates.  Arrangements need to be made with the child’s teacher.



Each Wednesday a chapel service is held in the church.  Students in Kindergarten – 8th grades are to wear navy uniform shirt w/logo with khaki pants for boys and khaki skirts for girls.


General Information

Invitations to parties may be given out at school only if each child in the classroom is invited.  Otherwise to prevent hurt feelings, the invitations must be mailed. 


Flowers or Balloons Delivered to School

If a student has flowers or balloons, or candy delivered to school, the office staff will hold them in the school office for the student until the end of the school day.



Extracurricular activities offer opportunities for students to grow in knowledge and skills in the field of athletics, develop and maintain strong bodies, improve social skills, learn and practice good sportsmanship attitudes and behavior, grow in the Christian faith, and become more unified as the Good Shepherd Lutheran family.





Uniform Dress Code and Personal Hygiene

The Good Shepherd Lutheran School dress code consists of a uniform for all of its students, Kindergarten – 8th grade.  One Navy shirt must be purchased from the school.  A detailed dress code follows.


Girls Uniform

Khaki and navy blue pleated pants

Khaki and navy blue short or skort

Khaki and navy blue Skirt - *Skirts must be no more than 3 inches above the knee.

Yellow, navy blue, light blue, red or white short sleeve or long sleeve polo shirt

Solid uniform color hoodies or jackets or Good Shepherd hoodies and sweatshirts.


 Boys Uniform

Khaki and navy blueFlat Front or Pleated Pants

Khaki and navy blue Flat Front shorts 

Yellow, navy blue, light blue, red or white short sleeve and long sleevepolo shirts

Solid uniform color hoodies or jackets or Good Shepherd hoodies and sweatshirts.


General Rules for All Students

All students must come to school every day clean and well-groomed.

Beginning with Grade 5 (or earlier if necessary), student should begin using deodorant daily.

Athletic shoes with socks must be worn daily (including Wednesdays for Chapel) by both boys and girls.  No exceptions.

Tattered, torn, or dirty uniforms are unacceptable school wear.

Body piercing or fake tattoos are not allowed (exception: girls are allowed to have pierced ears, but no more than one piercing per ear.)

Hats, scarves or other head coverings are not allowed unless worn to and from school for warmth in inclement weather.  Head coverings are not allowed inside building or at school related activities.

Hair styling for both boys and girls must be modest and easily maintained.  Hair that is dyed or streaked, unusual head shaving, Mohawks, or distractive styles are not acceptable.

Jewelry worn to school by both boys and girls is limited to watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces with small Christian symbols and earrings for girls only.

Chains, whether worn as jewelry or attached to clothing, are never allowed

Shorts are allowed as school attire for both boys and girls up to October 30th the first semester, and after Spring Break the second semester.

All children are expected to be dressed appropriately for weather conditions and outside temperatures.  Winter coats may not be worn in the classroom.

On Wednesday for chapel all boys will wear navy shirts* with khaki slacks and girls will wear navy shirts* with khaki skirts.  (*purchased from school)

Jeans, hip huggers or fashion slacks are not considered uniform attire.



Personal Hygiene

Studies have shown that a child’s appearance and cleanliness contribute greatly to their self -esteem.  High self-esteem in turn spills over into their school work.  All children are expected to take pride in their personal hygiene and dress.  


Good Shepherd Lutheran School, through its teachers and staff, reserves the right to determine what is and is not appropriate school wear and to address any concerns as deemed necessary.  Good Shepherd Lutheran School also reserves the right to send home children whose apparel is not in line with uniform standards.


Fire and Tornado Drills

Fire and tornado emergency plans are posted in all classrooms.  These drills are conducted throughout the school year.


Messages and Telephone use

If a parent needs to contact a child during the school day, leave a message with the school office personnel and it will be delivered to your child.  Limit these calls to emergencies.  Try to give all information to your child before school.  Neither teachers nor students are called to the telephone during class unless it is an emergency.  Students are not to use the office phone unless an emergency arises.  If an emergency arises, such as sickness, permission must be obtained in the office to use the phone.  This directive regarding the use of the phone applies before and after school hours and during the lunch and recess periods as well as during the school day.


Possessions Brought to School

All items which a student brings to school should be marked with complete identification.  If a child misplaces articles of clothing or books at school, there is a lost and found container in the school office.


Articles such as MP3 players, electronic games, cell phones, IPods, etc. are never to be brought to school without prior permission from the students teacher.  GSLS is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.


A student should never bring to school more money than is necessary for lunch and/or other fees.  Children are often careless and forget where they leave things, and money is most difficult to identify.  Please caution your children about leaving money where it will be a temptation to others.  GSLS reserves the right to inspect all student belongings brought to school.


Asbestos Statement

Good Shepherd Lutheran School has been inspected for asbestos.  The asbestos management plan is available to parents and teachers for inspection.