God’s abundant love and mercy toward us compels us to desire to know His will and to lead a life which is pleasing to Him.  Discipline in Christian homes and schools serves to train children to be disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Adults have been instructed by God to discipline children (Proverbs 19:18, 29:17) and God wants children to follow the directions of adults (Ephesians 6:1) as well as God’s commands (John 14:23).  Establishing and maintaining a disciplined environment at Good Shepherd Lutheran School is the shared responsibility of students, teachers, principal and parents.


Parent Responsibility

The responsibility of educating a child is twofold:  part belongs to the school and part belongs to the home.  The home is the environment in which to begin teaching responsibility and respect.  When a child enters school, this process becomes a shared commitment that reinforces Christian values in the home and school.


Teacher Responsibility

The teachers establish classroom rules which provide a safe environment in which students can learn and grow in the knowledge of God.  These rules are based on the Ten Commandments and God’s will for our lives.  Teachers use any of a variety of methods which are consistent with God’s Word to encourage obedience to the rules.


Principal’s Responsibility

Students are expected to respect all people with whom they come into contact.  The students are also expected to do their part in maintaining a cooperative learning environment.  No student has the right to keep other students from learning.  Older students are encouraged to assume responsibility for younger students by helping them and setting a good example for them.



All forms of physical punishment will be avoided.  Physical restraint may be used by teachers and/or principal to prevent a student from harming himself or others, or in self-defense.


Unacceptable behavior may result in the following:


1. Work Detail:  A student may be required to be on work detail consisting of miscellaneous    

    duties or tasks.  The duration will be determined by the severity of the inappropriate behavior.


Suspension:  The principal will remove a student from the classroom when the student’s presence in the classroom may be a detriment to other students or when the student has engaged in a serious offense.  Some possible causes of suspension include truancy, fighting, theft, cheating, threats of violence, destruction of the school property, Insubordination, improper language, acts of moral turpitude, and possession of illegal substances and devices (knives, guns, explosives, and drugs without prescription).  This may be an in-school suspension (under direction of principal) or an at home suspension (under the direction of the parents).  The student must complete all assignments before returning to the classroom.  Suspension may not exceed a period of five days.  Parents will be notified of all suspensions.


Examples of discipline warranting suspension and expulsion


          Fighting: One who strikes another has endangered the other person and               

                   will be immediately suspended from class.  Fighting may be punished by      

                   detention or suspension.


                   Threats or expressions of violence:  This is an act of terrorism.  The student  

                   will be suspended from class. 


                   Theft:  Any time a person is deprived of personal possessions, regardless of  

                   length of time, this will be considered theft.  Theft may be punished by                    

                   detention or suspension.


                Cheating is a type of theft: Students enabling another student to cheat will                      

                    also be considered guilty of the same offense.  Students found cheating on   

                    an assignment will receive an “F” on the assignment and will be required to  

                    do other work.  Students found cheating on a test will receive an “F” on that  

                    test and will not be listed on the Honor Roll for that quarter.


               Illegal Substances:  Authorities and parents/guardians will be immediately 

                    notified when a student is found in possession of illegal substances (this               

                    includes all forms of tobacco products).  Suspension or expulsion will 



Probation:  Following a suspension, the student is on a probationary status.  Behavior will be closely monitored.  Length of probation is at the discretion of the Principal.



Expulsion:  When other methods of discipline fail, the principal will submit a written request to the Ministry of Parochial Education to consider expulsion of the student.  Parents or guardians will also receive written notification of this request and will be encouraged to attend the Governing Ministry meeting to discuss the expulsion; however, the outcome will be decided in executive session.


Inspection of School Property

Lockers are the property of Good Shepherd Lutheran School and are made available for student use in grades 7 - 8.  It is the student’s responsibility to see that his/her locker contains only those items needed for use while in school.  School personnel also have equal access to lockers.  A search of a locker, as well as other school properties, may be conducted by school personnel in the interest of maintenance, health and safety.  The location of a controlled substance, weapon, poisons, and missing properties is a matter relating to health and safety and, as a result may be regarded as a reasonable purpose for an inspection.


Care of School Property

Students are responsible for the proper care of all books, supplies, and furniture supplied by the school.  Students who vandalize school property or equipment will be required to pay for the damage done or replace the item.