Good Shepherd Lutheran School’s entire curriculum - Preschool through Grade 8 is tailored to nurture the whole child of God with developmentally appropriate goals and objectives.  Good Shepherd Lutheran School’s curriculum is Christ - centered and this concept influences all instruction.  Students study Holy Scripture, learn the basic doctrines of the Bible, memorize Bible verses and hymns, and participate in worship.  Religion is taught as a separate subject, but the message of God and His love is brought out in other subjects throughout the day.  PE is a vital part of our school’s curriculum.  To be excused from this class, your child must have a note from a doctor or legal guardian.  Please note that if your child cannot participate in PE, he/she will be restricted from all physical activities, including recess.



Good Shepherd Lutheran School currently offers 1 full day session of Kindergarten that strives to develop the whole child and provide a strong foundation for the primary grades.  The curriculum includes religion, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, motor skill development, computer lab, & P.E.  The language arts curriculum provides many oral language and concept development experiences and teaches letter sounds (phonics) through listening and other activities.  This can lead to forming words and reading short sentences.  The math curriculum uses manipulatives to teach math concepts.  In all subject areas, there is an emphasis on hands-on experiences and both structured and free exploration experiences are provided.


Grades 1-6

The following subjects are taught at each elementary level:  Religion, Reading, English, Spelling, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer Lab, Foreign Language, and Accelerated Reading.  State approved textbooks are used for each subject.


Grades 7-8

The junior high curriculum is designed to have a Good Shepherd Lutheran School graduate well prepared to enter any high school.  The junior high levels are departmentalized to better utilize the specific interests and strengths of teachers.  Curriculum offerings include.




Math, including Algebra and Geometry

Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science

World Geography, U.S. History, Oklahoma History and Civics


PE and Health

Foreign Language

Accelerated Reading



Good Shepherd Lutheran teachers use a variety of developmentally appropriate strategies and techniques.  All teachers, Kindergarten – 8th grades, have at least a Bachelors Degree in Education or a Lutheran Teacher Diploma; some have additional degrees.  It is the goal of Good Shepherd Lutheran School that all teachers have a Bachelors Degree, a Lutheran Teacher Diploma, and be certified in the state of Oklahoma.  All Good Shepherd Lutheran teachers are encouraged to continue their education and to develop better strategies of instruction as well as learning in other areas of importance to our school.




Students are given study frame time in class and are encouraged to complete as much work as possible in school.  However, nearly all students will have homework occasionally in the lower elementary grades and regularly in the middle elementary grades through Junior High.  Help from parents and other family members is encouraged as long as it remains assisting rather than doing the work for the student.  Parents can be particularly helpful in areas where drill is required (memory work, number facts, spelling, etc.) and in the encouragement of oral and silent reading.  The general interests and attitudes of the parents are reflected in the children; therefore, encouragement and pride in the child’s work helps to assure the child’s success in the classroom and build self esteem.


Evaluation and Grading System

Regular evaluation of progress directs instruction and fosters good self esteem.  A student’s academic achievement, attitude, and conduct are evaluated continually.  Teachers and students confer to promote growth in these areas, and parents are notified of progress made and concerns in these areas.


Teachers communicate frequently with parents, individually and in letters to the entire class.  Parents receive written reports of student progress at the end of each quarter, and parent-teacher conferences are held twice each year with all parents.  Additional parent-teacher conferences are scheduled throughout the year on an individual basis when the teacher or parent sees the need.

    The following is generally regarded as our grading system:

                    A(Superior)             100 - 90

                    B(Good)                    89 - 80

                    C(Average)               79 - 70

                    D(Poor)                     69 - 60

                    F(Failure)                  59 or less

Achievement tests are given to all students in 1st- 8th grade each year.  These tests enable us to measure the academic growth of our students and to assess the quality of our curriculum and teaching methods.



There is a proven correlation between good attendance and academic performance.  Good attendance is the responsibility of the student and the parent.  Good Shepherd Lutheran School expects every student to be in attendance at school every day.  For students to receive an excused absence, parents can call the school office to report an absence or send a note explaining the absence to the child’s teacher.  Each student must be in attendance 80% of the grading period to be considered for promotion to the next grade level.  In addition, three tardies are equivalent to one absence.  2nd floor doors will be locked at 8:45am each day.  If your child is late he/she must be checked in through the school office for an admit slip.


Honor Roll/Principal’s List

Good Shepherd Lutheran School recognizes junior high students who achieve academic excellence by placing their names on the Honor Roll or Principal’s List each quarter.  Honor roll students are those students whose GPA (Grade Point Average) is 80- 89%.  Principal’s List students have a GPA of 90- 100%.  Grade point average is computed at the school office by following a formula which weighs core subjects.


Student Records

Good Shepherd Lutheran School maintains records for each student who is enrolled.  These records are kept on file at the school office.  Each student record is available to the child’s parent or guardian.  Consent is not required for Good Shepherd Lutheran School’s professional staff to see a student’s records.  If a student transfers to another school, the school records are forwarded to the receiving school uponthe school’s written request.


Library and Media Center

The school library is accessible to all grade levels and is supervised by a faculty member, in coordination with parent volunteers.   Reference materials are provided for student use and books and magazines are available for student use and check-out.


Lost or damaged library books must be paid for by the end of the school year.  Report cards may be withheld at the end of the school year if all fines have not been paid.  Funding for the library is provided through the school budget, individual donations, and fund raising projects.